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Reid Park Zoo

A Thru Z just finished the training wall at Reid Park Zoo for the Tiger Exhibit. The training wall consists of 2" x 2" x 1/8 Black Oxide Nett'em. Not only is the training wall new but so is the…

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Philly Zoo – Raceways

A Thru Z recently finished a project at¬†Philadelphia¬†Zoo. At the Zoo we installed: Flexible Raceway with playnodes and doors. Rigid aluminum caging at Rare Animal Building Basically the monkeys have a tree top trail they can travel throughout the zoo.…

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Houston Zoo – The African Forest

The African Forest project consisted of 3 large exhibits, Elephant, Rhino, Giraffe. As you can see below, the Rhino is in one of A Thru Z's Holdings, Fabricated from our shop in Tucson, and shipped and installed by our crew…

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Birmingham Zoo – Trails of Africa

Trails of Africa is an exhibit created for Bull Elephants. Their are currently 4 bull elephants in this enclosure. The exhibit is on a 14 acre plot of land, which includes various types of animals. We fabricated and installed the…

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